Directions from Orlando International Airport to Cumbrian Lakes resort are as follows:-

1.     Depart from exit to car park B (follow signs for South Exit as above)                                                                                          0.3 mi

2.     Slight right onto South Access Road                                            0.5 mi

3.     Keep straight onto E Wetherbee Road                                           1.3 mi

4.     Continue on to South Access Road                                               1.6 mi

5.      Keep straight onto Boggy Creek Rd                                              0.6 mi

6.      Take slip road for SR-417 South / Central Florida Greeneway

      Toll road                                                                                    10.8 mi  

7.     At exit 6, take slip road right and follow signs for International Dr    0.7 mi

8.     Keep straight onto SR-536 West / World Center Dr                        0.6 mi

9.     Turn left onto SR-535 South / S Apopka Vineland Rd /

               Kissimmee-Vineland Rd                                                                 1.4 mi

         10. Turn right onto N Poinciana Blvd

     Chevron Garage on the corner                                                        5.1 mi

11.   Go over 192 (Perkins on right over junction)

12.   Pass Fire Station on right (flashing Amber Lights)

13.    Straight on at lights with Oren Brown Road

14.    Road name changes to S Poinciana Blvd  

15.  Turn left onto Cumbrian Lakes Resort (just past Liberty Village)

To obtain driving directions to Cumbrian Lakes Resort from elsewhere, please use the Google Maps application below.

The code to open the gates will be sent to you before your vacation together with other instructions to gain access to the villa. 

Here is a Google map of Cumbrian Lakes

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Here is a map of the Orlando area


And Kissimmee/Lake Buena Vista

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